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Relaxer vs Natural

While on your hair journey there are several twists and curls along the way.  In recent years to go Natural or Not has been a BIG debate.  At Gresham Giles Salon, the answer to this debate is Neither – JUST GO HEALTHY.  Whether you want to straighten your hair temporarily or permanently, Gresham Giles Salon foster an environment of healthy hair in any style or state and pride ourselves on educating our clients on ways of maintaining healthy hair. Call us today and allow us to join your hair journey!

For our Natural Hair Clients, we offer a Basic Therapy Experience. This will allow us to properly cleanse the hair without stripping the hair of its natural properties while still maintaining the proper levels of hydration in the hair. Along with regularly scheduled trims or haircuts, you will have the confidence to embrace your HEALTHY natural hair with Substance & Style.

With our Relaxing System, we offer a reconstructing conditioner that replenishes the hair with moisture and protein, which is depleted when chemicals are applied. Along with the conditioners, a trim or haircut will definitely advance the longevity of chemically relaxed HEALTHY hair.

Gresham Giles Experience Consultation- $30

Braids & Twist
Clipper Cut
Color Rinse
Corrective Color
Extension Per Track
10% OffFull Foil
5% OffHair Extension
Kids Haircut
Partial Foil
Thermal Add On

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